HSX Easy Datalogger

Use your standard-HSX-interface as a simple and flexible datalogger.
With the Easy Datalogger you receive a free software to use your HSX interface as a datalogger on CAN, LIN and FlexRay.


Each HSX-Interface with memory card slot is suitable for any datalogger-tasks (both passive and active logging). This allows the simple controlling of measured values in development and testing. The HSX Easy datalogger is an additional software component based on samtec-stand-alone-block sequencers. The software component is free of charge.


  • Supported busses: up to 8x CAN (high speed, fault tolerant, single wire), 2x LIN, 4x FlexRay
  • Absolute 64-Bit-time stamp with user-defined resolution (optional multiples of  31.25 ns, 125 ns or 1 ┬Ás)
  • Data can be pre-filtered to reduce the data volume (to (CAN-) ID, data content*, only for change* or in time intervals *, e.g. only every 100 ms)
  • With user-defined extensions of C-script, it is possible to run complex calculations (also Floating-Point) during the recording (e.g. generating of average values...)*
  • The record data format is freely configurable on request *
  • Combined operation of passive and active logging (e.g. querying of measured values of control units via CCP) is possible *
  • Up to 3 analog/digital trigger-inputs enable additional detection of measured values; up to 3 digital outputs for controlling* relays, beeper...
  • Integrated power-down/wakeup-switch to protect the vehicle battery (power consumption < 1 mA at power-down-mode with wakeup via Kl. 15). Datalogger-wake-up also possible via CAN
  • Fast system start (approximately 2 s to the recording)
  • Supported memory cards: SD, SDHC (up to 16 GB), MMCplus


The Easy Datenlogger is installed by the samDia(X) setup. The full version is included both in samDia(X) the demo version and in the licensed full version. After the installation you can find the Easy Datalogger under the starting menu: starting menu \ programs \ samtec DIAGNOSTIC tools \ tools \ EasyDatalogger.

* Only with configuration via samDia or samDiaX

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