samDiaX K- and L-Line

Stimulation (tester), simulation and analysis

For K- and L-Line we have developed 4 different modules in samDiaX:

samDiaX K-Line-module analyzer (ISO 9141)

The K-Line module analyzer allows the surveillance and analysis of the data traffic of a serial communication, especially of a K-Line according to ISO 9141 between a diagnostic or application system and a control unit. A flexible presentation of trace data and timing values as well as automatic baud rate switching and baud rates up to 250 kbit is also included. The K-Line module analyzer requires the HS+ or HSX Interface.

Protocol Interpreter

The interpreter for the analyzer receives the data with timestamps directly from the interface. This data is interpreted in samDia by the selected protocol filter.

There are protocol filters in samDia for ISO 14230 (KWP2000), ISO 9141, KW71, KW81, KW82, CARB, MB Protocol, KW500, SAE, DS2, RB Diagnosis Version 2, Leancom, Ford Cart.


  • Compilation of hexadecimal values to plain text via plain text interpreter
  • Hexadecimal data-recording on K-Line with the following features:

    • baud rate metering
    • detection of data direction
    • Inter-byte-times
    • detection of 5-baud-stimulation
    • Block separation through time threshold values

samDia K-Line-module stimulator (ISO 9141)

The K-Line module stimulator (tester) can communicate with control units that incorporate an ISO interface according to ISO 9141 or ISO 14230 respectively.

Stimulus address and type, timing behavior, send block title and the convenient presentation of received data are  programmable.

Previously defined blocks can be sent either individually or consecutively, manually or continually.

The structure and test of an ISO interface can be easily implemented.

The tester can also be used as an automatic Flash tool and can be utilized together with the HS+ Interface or the HSX interface.


  • Transmission of data onto control units
  • Stimulation: 5 baud, WUP, time
  • Additional length byte
  • Various transport-protocols available (driver overview)

samDiaX K-Line-module simulator (ISO 9141)

The K-Line Module Simulator allows the simulation (remaining bus simulation) of the diagnostic interface of motor vehicle control units for test and demonstration purposes. This allows e.g. a very convenient debugging of diagnostic software in the tester. The available automation interface enables the presentation of complex simulation scenarios with the help of the HS+ or HSX Interface.


  • Simulation of control units on K-line
  • Reaction of stimulation: 5 baud, WUP, time
  • configurable reply-blocks
  • Scripting for user specific seed & key-process, also from external DLL
  • Various transport-protocols available (driver-overview)

samDiaX K-Line-module UART direct (ISO 9141)

With the K-Line-module UART direct it is possible to send and receive data directly on different serial lines without consideration of protocol properties.

The following busses are supported:

  • K-Line
  • L-Line
  • J1708
  • LIN


Configuration options:

  • Pull-Up resistor
  • Separate send- and receive lines (only K- or L-Line, for example sending on K-Line and receiving on L-Line)
  • Automatic inserting of block length / checksum during transmission
  • Automatic testing of block length / checksum during transmission
  • Slow and fast stimulation, functions both as master and as slave.
    Customer-specific stimulation is implementable on request

Order numbers

order number



samDiaX K-Line-module analyzer (ISO 9141)

DX-KL-3100samDiaX K-Line-module tester (ISO 9141)
DX-KL-3101CARB transport protocol to K-Line-module tester
DX-KL-3102DS2 transport protocol to K-Line- module tester
DX-KL-3103FREE transport protocol to K-Line- module tester
DX-KL-3104KW 500 transport protocol to K-Line- module tester
DX-KL-3105KW 71 transport protocol to K-Line- module tester
DX-KL-3106KWP 2000 transport protocol to K-Line- module tester
DX-KL-3108H/99B transport protocol for K-Line module tester
DX-KL-3200samDiaX K-Line-module simulator (ISO 9141)
DX-KL-3201CARB transport protocol to K-Line- module simulator
DX-KL-3202DS2 transport protocol to K-Line- module simulator
DX-KL-3205KW 71 transport protocol to K-Line- module simulator
DX-KL-3206KWP 2000 transport protocol to K-Line- module simulator
DX-KL-3208H/99B transport protocol for K-Line module simulator
DX-KL-3300samDiaX K-Line UART direct (ISO 9141)

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